Review for Chloe #3: Frenemies

Review for Chloe #3: Frenemies

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Yes, this is book #3, and though I had some trouble at times reading it (like I didn’t know Chloe’s nickname was Misty until she mentioned it almost near the end, until then I thought it was an error with writing), but it was still great fun to read.

Chloe has to do an internship for school, originally she was going to work with her mom’s company, but apparently something happened and she now has to find something else, and thus ends up with a girl named Anissa (who is a total stuck-up urghghhhh). We see her internship and we see that she is very much unhappy about things there. The mean girls (Anissa and Agatha) are getting all the attention and are making her internship hell.
But then something else happens and it is a turn for the better for the internship.

Chloe was a fun character, and I love how she never gives up, even when things get really crappy. She always seems to bounce back (like a chinchilla as she aptly states). I also loved the few scenes with her dating Alex, they sure make a very cute couple!

I am not sure if I like Pearl or Debarge. While Pearl is definitely much kinder, she is doing the same as Debarge is doing only friendlier. Where Debarge was focusing on the two mean girls, Pearl was focusing on Chloe and Yannis. She gave them all her attention, made some remarks to the other girls (and Debarge), just like Debarge was doing to Yannis/Chloe and Pearl.
Plus I don’t really understand why Pearl was keeping Debarge. That old hag is bad for business, keeps making mean remarks, is a total old insert some bad words. Sorry, it is Pearl’s business why doesn’t she just fire that old hag?

I am not too sure how I feel about the ending, yes I am happy with how the internship ended, but it just feels better to end it there then to also tie what happens between her and her boyfriend in the last 6 pages. Plus how it ended… are you supposed to read these books in one go or am I missing pages?

I am also curious as to how old Chloe is. Given she is dating, wearing make-up I would say 16 at least, but given some other elements I would also say 12/13. It is a bit confusing.

And again, something that happens often to Netgalley graphic novels/comics, the quality of the images was horrible. I can see the art is really nice, but it is buried under countless of: Need more jpegs. 😛

But all in all, I hope to find book 1 and 2 and I also hope that there will be more Chloe books in the future.

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