Review for Glister

Review for Glister

“Strange things happen around Glister Butterworth…”

That is the line that keeps coming up in this book at the beginning of each story (yes, there is more than one story). I was definitely surprised (and then delighted) that this one held more than one story. While the blurb mentions various things happening I thought it was all encompassed within one story.

The stories were mostly pretty good, though I didn’t like the last story.
If I have to rank the stories from good to eh it would be this:
-The Haunted Teapot (4.5 stars)
-The House Hunt (4 stars, because of the annoying man who just didn’t know how to shut up)
-The Faerie Host (4 stars, only because of the ending, otherwise this would have rated higher)
-The Family Tree (1 stars)

As you can see most of the stories were quite enjoyable, it is just a shame that The Family Tree story was terrible. The idea was fun, and there were some other things that I liked in the story, but the family and how they acted (terrible), the house how it acted, how the dad didn’t seem to care to listen (if only he had done it there would have been less problems), it just annoyed me, and I was not enjoying myself.

I had a laugh when, with each story, we learn more about what stuff Glister did that may have caused the strange things to happen. Like clocks struck 13 when she was born, she crossed a parade of black cats (yes, really a parade), washing clothes on New Years Day.

There are also extra bonus activities (one listed at the beginning and the rest located at the end). I definitely like that those were added. I may see if I can scan them and then print them out (because no way in hell am I going to be cutting them out of my book). I need that bookmark!

I loved that the stories each had their own colour. Starting with red in the first story to purple for the third story.

I really quite liked Glister and how she seemed to have no problem will all the weird stuff happening around her. Then again, she probably has been having weird stuff happening since she was born, so I guess she is used to it. But still, it amazed me that, no matter what came on her path, she just continued on and tried to help out when needed.

The dad also seems to have settled in the weirdness of it all. He didn’t even blink when his daughter told him about the haunted teapot, instead caring if it still poured tea. 😛

While I am not too sure if I would live in Glister’s house should I have the chance, I do want to visit it and maybe stay for a few days. If only to see the rooms change (and I want to visit the Egypt room), the house breathe (though no pieces of ceiling in my cereal, please), and to meet Glister and see her life.

I was quite disappointed in the Fairy Host story. It was a great story, and I loved it, but the ending just ruined it for me. All that effort and it ends like this. BAH! I would have liked it more if something was done in the other stories, but I guess this is just how it is going to be forever. sighs

So the stories come to 4 stars, but I am adding 0.5 stars for the fun and fabulous art (it really was, the style was just so fitting with the story), the bonus activities, and the magic that made this book so fun.

All in all, I would recommend this graphic novel! I definitely had fun reading it.

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