Review for Howl Like a Wolf: Why Animals Do What They Do – and How You Can Do It, Too!

Review for Howl Like a Wolf: Why Animals Do What They Do – and How You Can Do It, Too!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I definitely didn’t expect what I got! I thought this would be a cute, short picture book with information and games. Instead it is even better! As it is more like a chapter book. Lots of information, games, fun facts, and gorgeous illustrations.

We got 16 animals (the last one being quite a surprise). We start with wolves, and then meet all sorts of other animals from all over the world. Each chapter begins with information about the animal, what they do, where they live, about pups, and eggs, and more. After the information it is the reader’s turn to be that animal! Mostly it is games, but there is also some more information on the animals (or others who also do the same kind of thing as the selected animal). The games vary from howling like a wolf, making elephant ears, playing tricks,

I loved the introductions of the animals. Like an animal really introduces themselves to the reader, as if we are sitting next to them, or visiting them for a cup of tea (or whatever else the animals would like to drink). It just made it more original, and more personal.

I would like to have seen more consistency. Some animals only get one page of introduction and information while others get 3. Same for the games. Some animals get quite a few, and others just one or two.

I did like that the author(s) asked questions. For instance when we are being told about decorator crabs, they ask: “When you play dress-up, what do you like to wear?”

I just adored the illustrations! Colourful, fun, detailed. And not just the bigger illustrations, but also the little illustrations that are found all over the pages. Such a delight. At times I took a bit longer with a page just to enjoy the illustration. 🙂

I would highly recommend this book to everyone!

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