Review for Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians

Review for Julius Zebra: Entangled with the Egyptians

Julius Zebra is back with more funny antics, this time in Egypt!

I was so ridiculously happy when I spotted this book at one of my libraries! I was already hoping to read more Julius Zebra stories. And add to that the fact that this book is about/takes place in Egypt. One of my favourite countries/one of my favourite subjects in history.

Our ragtag band of animals is following the villain from the previous story when they get hit by a storm and strand in a new country… Egypt! I had a laugh that, while Julius was still not found/unconscious, they made bets on where they were (Africa/Egypt/Greece/etc.).

And then their adventures in Egypt start when a few guards find them. Julius being Julius, he does some silly things, and then, surprise, is seen as a god. A horse god (how they couldn’t see he wasn’t a horse is still weird, given that they worship Heter so much + again zebras and horses are quite different). Of course Julius is immediately proud and, those who read his previous adventure know this, immediately lets it get to his head.
They follow the guards to Alexandria to get Julius to be officially called a pharaoh (yep, and so he thinks he is a whole big deal even more).

Of course not everything is good and happy, not everyone likes Julius to be a god/pharaoh, plus the whole prophecy is not that kind to impostors (and guess what Julius is).

I just loved seeing Egypt, see them travel in all the way Egypt had to offer for transport. See the Sphinx, see the pyramids, tombs, treasures, and all the other things. Dang, I wish I could also come with them and see the sights.

Felix brings them into trouble more often than not, and especially brings them in very dangerous trouble when he steals THAT. Something one should just not steal, but we all know how Felix loves his stones (hint: Too much).

I wasn’t a big fan of Milus, Pliny, and Brutus. I just didn’t like their personalities. Milus and Pliny are just both very grumpy and should just try smiling and having fun for once. Brutus… well, he is just rude and mean. I would rather see these 3 disappear from the story (though I did get my wish (kinda) with Milus :P).

The ending (and what happened there) was quite exciting. I definitely didn’t expect it to go so out of control. Wow! And then there is the mysterious dude at the ending, why does he need Julius. What are his plans? And does this mean we are going to Greece?

And from my review for the second book, but something that still very much applies to this one:
“The book is peppered with illustrations, making a bit of graphic novel. I loved how, just like another book I read, it switches between letting the story talk, or the illustrations. The art style, well it fits perfect with the random, hilarious, silly stuff that is happening.”

Yep, this was a great book in this series. Hopefully one day I can read book 1, and I can’t wait for book 4 to come out. I want to see what our ragtag band of animals is going to do there, what kind of chaos they will bring. 😛
And of course I would recommend this book to everyone.

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