Review for Schneeballen – Verliebt in Japan

Review for Schneeballen – Verliebt in Japan

Schneeballen is back again! This time it is time for marriage and a trip to Japan!

I am so happy I finally had a chance to read this one, I have been looking forward to it for months. So thank you to my boyfriend for giving me this one as a birthday present!

In this one we see all about Schneeballen’s love life and how they are taking the next step after 15 years of being together. It is time for marriage! And I was absolutely delighted to see them go for it. Yep, 15 years, I do hope that my boyfriend won’t take that long to pop the question though, we have been together for almost 9 years now. And I hope it will be done in a bit more romantic fashion than how these two got married. 😛 Sorry, I am the kind of girl who dreams of getting a very romantic proposal.

I loved that we saw their history together. How they met up (through letters) and then got closer and closer. So cute!

It was really fun to see them go through all the stuff one has to do for marriage. Finding a dress, finding a place to eat/party, what church/place to do the ceremony, getting all the right certificates (had a laugh how lucky she was to just skip ahead to the first place). Not to mention that there is also the family (especially Schneeballen’s mom). It was quite funny to see them practice dancing, poor guy wasn’t looking forward to it at first, but then later on he just went along with it.

I am not too sure how I felt about her going off for a month to Japan, especially since that was right before her wedding. Sure, I was happy to see Japan again, and to see all she was doing there. And it was quite a good chance for her. But it also felt like she was running away from her wedding. Plus I also found it sad for her hubby. I am sure he is also nervous about things, and then his girl just goes away (and also kind of expected him to come with her for a few weeks).

Still Japan was fun to read about, to see the food, to see her meet up with people again, see her go to a festival, to explore Japan. And of course also read about the girls (the two Julia’s, how much of a chance would you have to find two Julias in Japan). I am happy that she could stay over with Carolin (even if that meant she had to clean the pigsty of a house to actually sleep anywhere).

The wedding was adorable, especially what she and her hubby did at the dance. You go girl!

I love how this one switches between short comics, longer comics, and parts with information + images.

I did think it was funny that Schneeballen always wears the same clothes (with the exception of a few times). It reminds me of how cartoon characters also barely ever chance their clothes.

All in all, a very adorable book and I really enjoyed it.

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