Review for Stalking Jack the Ripper

Review for Stalking Jack the Ripper

raises her hands to the air and dances madly I am done with this book! Finally!

This was the book my partner and I picked for our challenge, and we were both really eager to read. I was looking forward to an amazing thriller with Jack the Ripper (or something like that at least given that no one knows who he really is in real life). Sadly, this book is not a thriller. This book is just a historical fiction with romance (yes, even with all the indecisive crap going on there was some romance), some mystery, and an annoying girl who can’t seem to make up her damned mind.

This review will be a bit chaotic but I will try my best to word my feelings.

Bad/Not Good:

  1. Audrey. This girl… really. She can’t seem to make up her mind. Not only in romance, but also in if she should follow society’s rules or not. And also in if she wants to be that kind of girl (yes, the kind she so fervently hates in this book, the one who loves to giggle, buy dresses, drink tea, etc.). Yep. More than once this girl went from Blehhhh dresses and girliness to OMG I NEED THESE DRESSES! FRILLS! *flails* Instead of cheering for her I wanted her to make up her darned mind. You cannot go rebelling and then also want all the luxury and dresses you so seem to dislike. You have to pick. Rebel or society rules.
  2. The mystery, or well the lack of it. Yes, it took Audrey (and Thomas) the whole book to figure out the whodunnit… in the mean time I knew it pretty soon and got enough hints to confirm it. 😛
    So by the time it was revealed (at the end, which also was the only decent part in the book) I was just not impressed. Though I had fun with Audrey’s reactions to it all. 😛

  3. And then I was just rolling around laughing when, it the midst of everything, Audrey suddenly got a lightbulb moment and decided (thank heavens, finally) that she LOVED Thomas. And yes, she didn’t think it could wait. Oh, my dearest brother is going to fry my dead mother and oh hey my dad is here and everything is pretty much poop hit the fan, but oh hey, I need to go to Thomas and declare my love! Because you never know, he might just drop dead in the time.
  4. A quote from the book: “I wanted to yell at him, scream about how wrong it was to creep up on someone, but could only stare back. There was something thrilling about being caught by his stare in the dark.” *snorts and rolls her eyes* Oh good grief. You are the one who has been stalking/creeping up on him, but I guess that is not important because it is just so thrilling and exciting?
  5. How Thomas was just there in the right moment during the revelation part. Yep. There to save the day our shiny knight of awesomeness *snorts*.
  6. The romance. Good grief. It just annoyed me greatly. Just go for it already. But nooooo, Audrey has to let us know that she HATES him… no WAIT she wants to KISS HIM. Oh no, he is such a scoundrel, oh no so cute. Oh no, I love him, no I hate him! Oh he has such beautiful lips. ARghhh he is so infuriating. Yep. This back and forth went on for the entire book. And I was just rolling my eyes. Girl, please….
  7. I love how this girl kicks against every social norm out there in this time, but then immediately get offended when someone breaks that social norm in front of her. Oh, so it is OK when you do it, but when someone else does it it is wrong?
  8. Another quote from the book: “Every male in my life felt it necessary to put chains on me, and I despised it. Except for Thomas, I realized.”
  9. The father. I didn’t like him. Partially I could forgive him given the time period this takes place in (and the fact his wife died), but on the other hand I couldn’t. It was just too creepy. Besides, do you really think you can prevent sickness by keeping her in? You and everyone else is still coming and going so you can bring anything back home. 😐
  10. Audrey’s logic. She seems to have a serious case of a one-track mind and NOTHING anyone says or does will make her see something else. For instance there is one part in this book where she suspects her dad and no matter what she wouldn’t see that maybe it wasn’t him?
  11. Thomas. Sure, he seemed kind of cute and nice, but I wasn’t sure about his attitude. He seemed to be a bit too perfect and knew a bit too much of everything. I really got tired of his constant remarks on how fabulous he was. We get it, you are fabulous, now shut up.
  12. This above part came to be because she met a fortune teller/psychic who told her she got close to Jack and that she was angry at him. The time she could recall was when her dad so rudely interrupted her crime scene investigation. So of course she suspected him and the police officer (though quickly dismissing the officer). Totally forgetting that her dearest brother was also there and that she was pretty pissed at him for his betrayal (since he alerted daddy dearest to what Audrey was doing). Plot hole much or was Audrey really that dumb?

I probably have some more bad/not goods, but I think this expresses my feelings pretty well already.


  1. The cover, I just adore it.
  2. The fact this book is about some sort of Jack the Ripper. I have always had an interest in Jack the Ripper (and I am always delighted when there is a new article with new discoveries about him).
  3. Liza. Yes, I liked Liza, it is just a shame we barely see her. She seems like a really fun, sweet girl and I want to know more of her romantic life (as it seems she has got a very active one).
  4. I did have quite a lot of fun to vent my ARGHHHHH-ness in status updates on Goodreads. 😛
  5. Bits and pieces of the revelation scene. Not all of it, most made me roll my eyes, but there were parts that were finally exciting!

So yeah, I am thanking the heavens I am done with this book. I sadly can’t rate it more than 0.5 stars. I really struggled to get through this book, only kept on reading because I didn’t want to let my partner down. But if I had read this on my own, I would have dropped it at 10/20%.

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