Review for Stink: Hamlet and Cheese

Review for Stink: Hamlet and Cheese

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A new Stink book! I just adore the Stink and Judy books (Judy is still my favourite though), and I was delighted when I spotted this book on Netgalley, of course I had to read it. Of course I had to get it now!

This time Spring Break, Shakespeare, camp, and more! Stink is tempted by his best friend to participate in the Shakespeare camp at college. Which means sword-fighting, swearing in a creative way (which had me laugh so much), learning new things, acting, expressions, it just seemed so much fun that I wanted to step in the story and participate! How to make kids like Shakespeare 101 right here. Show them that it isn’t all boring, but that there is lots of interesting things to it.

Plus the kids go to see a play (Macbeth) and learn about a curse. It was fun to see them enjoy the play and also learn more about Macbeth.

I had a laugh at the fact that Stink was the only boy at the camp. I guess all the other boys weren’t interested. 😛

Of course we also see Judy (yay!). She even helps out her brother with the whole Riley situation.

I hated Riley though. Girl, please, just get the hint. He doesn’t want you, you are being annoying, creepy and bleh, just give up or stop being so obsessed about Stink. It really ruined the story for me as it was a big part of the story. Sure, she had some good moments, but generally I just wanted to push her away and out of the story. To be deleted forever.

Though I am very sad, I just adore this series, and the illustrations are a BIG part of that. So I was all looking forward to seeing all sorts of fun new illustrations… instead what I got was: Illustrations to come in big or small grey squares… 🙁 I get that this is an ARC (though generally illustrations are present), but if I had known there wouldn’t be any illustrations.. I would have waited for the book to actually come out. 🙁 So I am giving this book -1 star less because of this.

But all in all, a laugh out loud, fun, cute book! Would recommend it!

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