Review for The Cat Encyclopedia For Kids

Review for The Cat Encyclopedia For Kids

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was really curious about this book, I love cats, though I can’t have a cat myself (stupid allergy). So to counter that emptiness of not ever getting a cat, I love reading about cats, watching documentaries, seeing photographs. 🙂

This book features 12 cat breeds: Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Birman, Exotic, Maine Coon, Manx, Ocicat, Oriental, Persian, Ragdolls, Siamese, and Sphynx. Each chapter about the breeds tells us about their history, traits (and colours), how to care for them, and if they would be a proper fit (which is very important, you should get a cat that matches you). There are also fun facts.

I love the selection of breeds, 2 of them were new to me (Ragdolls, Oriental), so I was delighted to read up on them and see what they were and how to care for them.

But the other breeds that I already knew also featured some new information, so I never was bored while reading this book.

After those 12 breeds there are 10 pages with several other breeds. Each of them have a very short paragraph with information about the breed. From American Bobtails to Burmese to RagaMuffins. I definitely liked that the author added some more breeds.

Following that are some general tips on caring (like Dental Care, Litter Boxes).

The book is peppered with photographs. And believe me, they are so sweet you don’t need sugar for a month. 😛 I am glad I was at home when reading this ARC otherwise people may have looked at me in a funny way. I just kept going AWWW, and OMG, and Kyaa!!!.

I also liked the way the book was written. Sometimes non-fiction books get a bit boring because of how it the book is written (long sentences, never ending information), but this author wrote the book in an engaging, fun way.

I would recommend this book to every cat lover out there. It is a fun, informative, cute, engaging book.

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