Review for The Darkest Dream

Review for The Darkest Dream

Nightmares will be coming for you!

I so loved the first book that I had to buy the second book as soon as I could! I just wanted to continue with the story, see what adventures (and monsters) our characters would encounter this time.

Well, if they thought the monster from the previous book was anything scary, then they should be prepared for what is coming in this one. And not only that, but there are other things that are going to get hairy. For instance we meet with the Federation for Chimes and find out that they are just a bunch of grumpy people (or at least that is my impression). They are clearly hiding something and are a bit too eager to lay their rules upon people.

Robyn was pretty great, but at times I was a bit annoyed with her attitude (and how she didn’t seem to be able to keep her cool). She should really learn to be a bit more patient and kinder towards people (even if they are annoying).
But she was really brave, and I loved how she kept getting stronger, how she never gave up. I am sure she has a very bright future as a chime. She can already kick butt, but I have a feeling she may just turn out to be one of the best chimes in the world.

Nora? Well, I just love that girl. Sure, she isn’t that good in combat (though I do see improvement), but she is an asset to the team given how smart she is and how much she knows about the monsters/chimes/etc..

Aiden, he is a bit hit and miss to me. At times he is quite great (and I love his inventions), but at other times I just found him annoying with how he acted.

I just love our team. How well they match together and how they work together so well. And with that new addition, or should I say two additions, I am sure they will be sure to get more awesome and kick some serious butt.

I am happy that the group got a new friend, I wouldn’t mind being a Chime if it meant getting a wolf (or dog/wolf).

The new monster (the boss monster) and all the scary things that are happening were very exciting, especially as it went from OHhh new scary monster to OMG OMG OMG get out of that playground and nope nope nope. 😛

I am still laughing at the fact that the Kesterley kids are called BUTT. I do wonder if they know this themselves or if they are happily oblivious to it (I am going for the last option though).

I am not too happy with Robyn’s parents. I get that you have a ton of kids, but really? I was just unhappy with how Robyn was treated, how she was often made fun of, and how often she was forgotten (like with the cake). I am sorry, but I thought it was just terrible of the parents. And this is not the first time, the previous book also had some scenes that had me shaking my head.

Mr. Cryptorum? Well, I don’t like him that much. He had some good moments, but he would do good to listen to his Chimes for once instead of constantly dismissing them. I get that Robyn is a bit over-excitable and at times may seem to make a drama about things, but still, if only he had listened then maybe things would have gone very much different. I hope that he will be a bit kinder to the children in the next one, as they are doing their best to become better and stronger. And maybe also involve them more in monster hunting, helping them out more with training, will talk to them if needed (and in a kind way).

The book is filled with illustrations, and I just adored them! I didn’t have any luck with the previous book (as I apparently bought an ARC at boekenfestijn), so I was delighted to actually see the illustrations in this one. They do make the book even more fun to read. To see the monsters, to see the characters.

Plus points to the monster compendium at the end of the book. More insight in the monsters is always welcome!

The ending? Not only the whole federation thing, but also Robyn’s sister? Well, it makes me very excited for the third book!

I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

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