Review for You can’t just kiss anyone you want

Review for You can’t just kiss anyone you want

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This one sounded really good, plus I am always interested in stories taking place during the Soviet rule. But sadly this one was, just like the previous comic I read today, not good. I was annoyed with all the characters, there were just too many of them that we follow (not just our young boy, but also Agatha (the crush), a girl who takes lessons and does much more there, then there are the friends of the boy). I would have liked it more had it focused on only the boy who wants a kiss, and the girl he wants to kiss.

Plus there is one rape scene, we don’t see anything happening, but we do know it happens, and I was quite startled with it, especially as we never find out what happens to her afterwards. Is she still alive?

It was interesting at points to see how the country was ruled, the rules, how indoctrinated people were, how the kids were treated and manipulated to tell on their friends.

After all the things in the book, it felt weird to go back and give a conclusion to the first part of the story (the kissing). It was also cute and brought a bit hope to the sadness of the everything happening in the country… but still it was also a bit weird.

The art was a bit hit and miss for me. At times it was quite a nice style, but at other times I didn’t like it at all.

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