Review for Yuri☆Kome

Review for Yuri☆Kome

I came for the cute, sweet cover, but sadly that cover is a freaking lie.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers. But I need to vent. I need to get this out of my system. I still need to finish one chapter, but sadly I can’t find that one yet. I may update my review when I find it/read it.

The book starts off pretty sweet, our MC Chiho gets accepted into an all girls school. Apparently she wanted to go for coed but she mixed up the school (both have the same name). At first Chiho isn’t all too happy about the situation, she was pretty much looking forward to having a normal school life and getting a high school romance with a hot guy. 😛

But that quickly changes when she gets to school and sees several cute looking girls. Yep, this girl turns over a new leaf faster than humanly possible. Which had me in stitches, but also made me wonder about this girl. Chiho is at times really naive and dense as a wall, but she is also hardworking and a fun character. She is also very sweet.

I was at first not too sure about Midorikawa, given how she apparently stalks around Chiho, but I can say that at the end I quite liked her. She is a true friend to Chiho and never gives up on making sure Chiho is happy and feeling OK. What she did for her after the whole rape thing (when Chiho was locked up in her home)? That was just the best.

I am also curious about Misaki, the childhood friend of Chiho. It seems she is much more than just a silent, shy glasses girl (there is one instance that shows that you shouldn’t mess with her friends as she gets really dangerous).

The cover. That girl on the right, I am guessing that must be the president of the student council. She is not that cute or fluffy. She is a manipulative wench that will trap and rape girls if she takes an interest in them. Chiho doesn’t even look that happy given what happened to her. I still love the cover for the sweetness it seemingly promised and how the girls look so happy. I just wish the author had gone for another cover as this one just isn’t right given what happens in the manga.

Sorry, I came here for cute shoujo-ai (with maybe some sexy scenes), instead I got a president who manipulated Chiho into working for the student council, and then during a holiday, decides to trap her in a room, “lose” the key, and then oh yes, have sex with her. Which Chiho clearly didn’t wanted and also clear said no. Yes, apparently afterwards Chiho was magically fine with it all (well until the truth came out). But I don’t accept this at all. Rape is never good. 😐

But I guess given how these manga end (I have read enough manga with effed up plots) things will just end in a happy tone… sighs

The art is pretty decent. At times it reminds me of Yuru Yuri, so plus points to that. 🙂

But yeah, not amused. Not happy.

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