Waiting on Wednesday ~ Big Bones

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Big Bones

Evening everyone!

Wow, it is Wednesday already! Today I got a big book, namely Big Bones. I have been really looking forward to this book since the moment I heard it was coming out. I just had to have it. I am really curious about Laura, what tragedy befell her family, and how she is going to find a new relationship with food and her body. I want to see if she can do it, if she can change her life. Plus the book’s cover says it is also a food diary, so I am very curious!

Plus I do like that cover, it is so bright and pretty. Plus if that is Laura, well she sure looks fabulous!

Just 8 more days until the book releases, and I may be ordering it on Amazon real soon.

The latest teen novel from the sparkling Laura Dockrill, introducing Bluebelle, and her moving, hilarious take on food, body image and how we look after ourselves and others.

A heart-warming teen story from the unique voice of Laura Dockrill, about Bluebelle, aka BB, aka Big Bones – a sixteen-year-old girl encouraged to tackle her weight even though she’s perfectly happy, thank you, and getting on with her life and in love with food. Then a tragedy in the family forces BB to find a new relationship with her body and herself. Moving, memorable and hilarious.

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