Blog Tour ~ Have You Seen The Sleep Fairy by T.K.R ~ Review + Excerpt

Blog Tour ~ Have You Seen The Sleep Fairy by T.K.R ~ Review + Excerpt

Morning all,

Yep, I am very delighted that on this beautiful Sunday I can host a Blog Tour!

For this Blog Tour I got a review (4.5 stars), some information on the book/author, and I can show you a page from the book! Also be sure to check out the other people participating in this tour points to the banner at the bottom.

So let’s get started, let’s find a Sleep Fairy.


I received this book, and was invited to this blog tour, courtesy of the publisher/Authoright.

I just knew this one would be a book I love, and I did. It was very adorable. About a pair of parents whose children (especially their little son) seem to have trouble sleeping in one go through the night (often waking up the parents). You can imagine that after many nights the parents are just pooped, knackered, maybe even a bit grumpy from loss of sleep.

But then the parents tell the kids about a shy (so very shy) sleep fairy who wants to visit the kids but doesn’t dare to because she is oh so shy. Of course, kids being kids, they immediately are interesting in this fairy, wanting to know all about her, and then are especially interested when they hear about the one special thing she does before she will trust the kids.

Plus points to the parents, definitely. I just loved that instead of probably getting angry that their kids (and then especially their son) wouldn’t sleep, they just made a wonderful story up, helped it grow by doing certain things. I don’t have kids myself, but if I had them and they had trouble sleeping? I would so use this idea and see if it would work just as well for my kids as for the kids in this book.

The ending had me grinning happily. Good job parents, good job fairies, and sleep well everyone!

The art was the only thing that was a bit miss to me. There were parts that I love (the backgrounds/the scenery), but the characters often looked odd.

So I would recommend this book to everyone, this was such a fun and sweet book, and I am sure that many others will embrace it and love it just like I did.

Some information on the book:

Have You seen the Sleep Fairy? This is the story of a sleep deprived mother and father who are rescued by this shyest of fairies, who only comes out at night when all the children in the home are asleep. She helps children get into the habit of sleeping through the night by leaving tiny items of interest under their beds for a around four days until she can trust them to sleep all on their own. Of course she’ll check in from time to time to make sure the family are sleeping soundly, however, you probably won’t ever see her.


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About the author:

Living in Chelsea, London with his wife and four children author T.K.R is no stranger to sleepless nights. When not writing children’s books, he runs his own business, Captivate Marketing (Pty) Ltd which focusses on the tools and tactics associated with amplifying his clients’ global brands.

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