Library Haul 13-3-2018

Library Haul 13-3-2018

Hi all,

Today was the time to visit Library #4 again. Not only did I need new books to read, but I also had spotted several books that I JUST HAD TO HAVE. 😛 So throughout the day (and also yesterday/day before that) I kept hoping that those books I wanted would still be there when I would visit. Today was even worse, I kept checking to make sure the books were still there. Yes, I could reserve them of course, but sadly at Library #4 you pay money for that (0.50 eurocent). So I just kept crossing my fingers and shoot a quick prayer.

As soon as I arrived, I dropped my books in the return box, then I rushed inside, went to the right spots and…. I found them! All the books I wanted! I was so happy I could squeal (but I resisted as this is a library).

Walking around to find a few more books, I soon found 3 more books to bring with me. One comic that I swore I wouldn’t touch any more after lots of things changed about it that didn’t make me happy. But I just had to bring it as it was a different writer and illustrator. One picture book that sounded adorable. Lastly a book about a boy whose mother dates a new man and how he and his brother don’t like that. The cover just looked too beautiful.

Time for stats. 7 new books. 1 comic, 6 fiction.

Koning Roe by Adam Stower
Het ongelukproject by Julie Buxbaum
Carnaval in Venetië by Thea Stilton
Habib by Frank Geleyn, Florence Wauters
Krabbel en Nies en de grote kattengriezel by Pieter Feller, Marieke Nelissen
Suske en Wiske: De tollende toverkol by Karin Amatmoekrim, Hanco Kolk
De muis en de muur by Britta Teckentrup

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