Library Haul 27-3-2018

Library Haul 27-3-2018

Good evening everyone,

It was time to visit Library #4 again, I wasn’t really that motivated as they don’t get a lot of new books these past months, but I had to bring my books back (where does the time go?).

So I knew from the start I would probably just get a couple of books, but the library surprised me with a new (well for me) comic series that seemed interesting, and also 4 children’s books and one YA. Yep, I came with the idea that I would get nothing or very little and I ended up with the max. number of books for that library. 😛

Stats: 8 books. 3 comics, 5 fiction.

Showstopper by Hayley Barker
Wie is er bang voor een draak? by Bies van Ede
Suus redt de kreeften by Mariken Jongman
Nog een mop, Bob by Kees de Boer
Die peer is voor mij! by Anuska Allepuz
Jojo: 15 by André Geerts
Jojo: 16 by André Geerts
Jojo: 17 by André Geerts

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