Review for Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

Review for Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

Amelia is back, and she is going on a quest to the Kingdom of Light to find Tangine’s mom. Of course she brings her friends (and Tangine’s dad) with her.

Even after reading I am still very much excited, this book was absolutely fabulous, fun, hilarious, sparkly, pointy, and more!

I had a lot of fun seeing the characters in their… well… paper-thin disguises. It amazes me that throughout the book no one noticed that maybe something wasn’t right with these kids. Still it added to the fun, and eh, the whole world is magic, maybe they enhanced their outfits with a few more sparkles. Sparkles always distract, right?

I just loved seeing more of the Kingdom of Light. It is such a bright and, given the descriptions as the illustrations are black/white, sparkly and colourful place. I wouldn’t mind living there, but I am not too sure if I want to live in a world that sparkly and shiny all the time. Sometimes you just need a little darkness. I was in stitches when they met all sorts of creatures of light and they were trying their hardest not to run away and scream in fear. 😛 Cute bunny? Endless fear! snorts

Of course there is a big mystery going on with a weird fog and creatures of lights disappearing left and right. I knew something was up, and I knew then already that it couldn’t have been the creatures of darkness. Come on, those guys pee their pants (if they are wearing one) or drop dead from seeing a cute little fairy or bunny. I couldn’t imagine those guys grabbing one and kidnapping it. I won’t spoil if I was right or not, ha! You will just have to read the book.

The rainbow road/rail, such a delightful idea, I wouldn’t mind travelling that to stuff like work/libraries/shopping trips. Where do I sign up?

And everything got really exciting when our group gets to Glitteropolis. The mystery thickens and our crew has really got to find out what happens before they are stuck forever (dum dum dum!). I already couldn’t stop reading but at this point I was practically glued to the book. I just needed to find out what was going on in this city, there were so many suspicions things going on. And in the end, nope I am not spoiling, I was delighted with what was going on and seeing the whys and hows.

I am still not a fan of Florence. Like in the previous book, but she really does some stuff wrong in this one. The well, anyone? Not to mention all the other times that she almost ruined their disguises because this girl doesn’t know subtlety or cares about maybe trying to blend in. A lot of times I just wanted her erased from the story. And really, stop shouting all the time. I get that you are a yeti, and maybe you are meant to shout, but learn to not do it. And get an effing clue.
From my review of the first book: “She reminded me a lot of Grenda from Gravity Falls. A good friend, but she doesn’t get the most basic of clues, shouts all the time, and doesn’t know her own strength.”

Tangine is really improving. He is still a pompous twit at times, but I could see him changing to someone who cares more and knows what fuuuurrriends/fuuurrrmaids are. 😛 And with the things that happened in this book and especially those at the end, I think he will change for the good some more.

Also I just laughed so hard when we met Fabio, the unicorn. Really, of all the names to give to a unicorn you had to call him Fabio? snorts and rolls around laughing

The wishing well? Dear word, that well was a rude one. Though I did feel kind of sorry for the revenge he got from Florence, no wait, he deserved that. 😛

The ending was fabulous, I was so happy with how everything came together and how happy it all was! But, I am even more happy with the news that there will be another Amelia Fang book, I can just guess what it will be about and I am very excited. The cover looks fabulous and I want the book now, or well, yesterday. 😛

Big pluspoints to the cover/design of the book. The previous book was orange and shiny, this one is purple and shiny! <3

And course a lot of hearts to the brilliant illustrations! They are just the best and I just adore them.

All in all, I want the next book! I need to know! grabby hands And I would recommend this one to everyone.

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