Review for Baby Bird

Review for Baby Bird

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was delighted when I found out about this book, it looked quite adorable, but given the blurb I knew it would also be a sad book.

And it was. As our tiny little baby bird? He has one wing that can never do anything, it is very tiny. But our baby bird doesn’t give up, he keeps on trying to get to flying, and joining his brothers and sisters in their fun. But as the book continues we see that it is very very hard for our tiny guy to do anything.

He does meet a friend who is more than willing to help him out, and also shows him that maybe flying isn’t something all birds (can) do, and that it isn’t bad for him to not be able to fly. Instead there are things that he can do, that may be even more fun than flying.

Yep, it goes from pretty sad (though I was very delighted to see how motivated he stayed) to very happy and I was just delighted for our tiny bird. Not only does he have a new friend who doesn’t mind him not being able to fly, but he also found something else, a new purpose in his life.

The art is pretty OK. I do love how the birds were drawn.

All in all, I quite liked this book + its theme. I would recommend it!

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