Review for Bingo Love

Review for Bingo Love

A cute love story that takes place over 50 (well more) years!

I have wanted to read this graphic novel for ages, I am so glad it is out. This was absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking, gorgeous, but I did have one issue.

The book begins in the present, then goes back to the past, and then later flows out back to the present. We see how Hazel meets the love of her life, Mari. But I think you can guess that their love isn’t accepted given it is 1963 and both families are very religious. These two girls were just so cute and sweet together, and I was so happy for them both. It doesn’t always happen that love is reciprocated like this. But then things happened and I just felt so sad, so sorry for them. I just wanted to shake people for being the way they were. How they tore these girls apart, forcing them to marry someone else. 😐 How these girls could just have been together for years, but instead had to be separated. 🙁

We see that Hazel is clearly unhappy, and not only because she lost the love of her life. We also see that her marriage just isn’t working. Her husband is pretty OK at first glance, but we can see that there things wrong. Especially in the earlier times, as she also said, he just wants to have sex when he wants to make new kids. I did love that she stayed with him, that she never swayed away from his side in all those years.

Then one day, when she and her daughters go out for Bingo she meets Mari again! Yep, during bingo again! Of course the sparks is still very much there. These two are immediately happy to see each other, delighted even. But not everyone is as happy with their love as they are. Hazel’s daughter goes full rage on her mother, and Hazel’s hubbie? Also not happy. I could kind of understand the daughter, but I was pissed at the husband. Really dude, just listen to her. Let her talk. Let her tell you what happened, and that this doesn’t mean she has been cheating on you. Plus I wanted to shake him for how he acted when she told him about her bisexuality.

I was so happy with Hazel in this one, yes she wanted to be with Mari, but she also didn’t want to just break up/file a divorce with her hubby in one go, she wanted to talk first, plus also make sure her kids were OK. I am so happy with this, and I respect that. She could have also just gone for immediate divorce or just go on a lot further with Mari. Plus I am happy with the choice she made in the end. That was definitely the best one for her. She (and Mari) deserve their happiness.

The ending was just heartbreaking (but also beautiful, that last page had me in tears). I just feel so sorry for them, it must be heartbreaking to see your partner, your love, like this. Knowing it will only get worse. Getting old is no fun. 🙁 But at least they had some time to be together, and those years were pretty sweet and wonderful.

I am giving -1 star for the whole James secret and the fact we have to get some digital release that I cannot find anywhere (so I am guessing the kickstarter) to find out more about it. Of course later we do find out what the secret was, but it felt just weird, first they don’t want to tell you and ruin an important moment, but later they do tell you a bit of the secret. And then later during the honey moon? Oh hey, if you want to read more…. yessss, you can guess it. Get this and that digital release….
Bleh, I always hate DLC in games, and this just feels exactly like that. So 3.5 stars in the end, it could have been 4.5 if not for the DLC stuff.

The art? I just ADORED IT! The artist did a wonderful job on drawing the characters. I just loved the romance parts between the girls, it was so sparkly and sweet.

All in all, I just adored this book to bits. Just a shame of the DLC things :P. I would highly recommend this one to everyone looking for a sweet, realistic, heartbreaking, beautiful book.

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