Review for City Vol.1

Review for City Vol.1

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The newest manga by Keiichi Arawi, and sadly I am not impressed. 🙁 I was really looking forward to getting this manga, but I am now putting it off my list.

The idea is pretty neat, this story follows the weird/bizarre lives of people living in a city. No clue which city, it is just a city. We see a boy working at his parent’s restaurant, an old granny, a police officer, a girl who probably will be rich if her friend finally paid off her debts to her (plus this girl loves making weird photographs), then we have our so-called MC who is frankly highly annoying and dumb and needs to grow up. These are just a few characters, there are more! Making it more confusing, though I am already happy that the manga isn’t only about our annoying MC, Nagumo.

I had a laugh at the beginning when we first met her, but then I noticed that the way she is acting is something she always has done. And it just pissed me off how she treated her friend. How she kept going to her to have her do all sorts of things or just to beg for money.

The stories are also not really funny, just like the jokes just fell flat. I also had that problem with Nichijou, some jokes just didn’t work with me, but whereas Nichijou was still mostly hilarious, this one was not. There was actually one scene that had me in stitches and that was the grandma parts. Dang, that lady is awesome. You should definitely not mess with that woman.
Oh, and the editorial trio chapter also was funny, well at least how they made those horoscopes. 😛 Just turn the wheel and shoot a dart. Yup. Perfect way to bullpoop your way through a horoscope.

The art, well it was typical of Keiichi Arawi. Silly art, silly faces. It did fit with Nichijou, and it also fits with the weirdness that is City.

Plus I do quite like the city everyone lives in. It seems like an exciting place with never a boring day. Manholes opening up, strange statues, weird policemen, crazy people running around. Yup, I wouldn’t mind living there.

But will I be continuing this series? Sadly, no. It just wasn’t for me. Which is a shame as I was looking forward to something new when I finished Nichijou.

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