Review for Dear Dwayne, With Love

Review for Dear Dwayne, With Love

Dear Dwayne Johnson, I have a confession to make! I just adored this book to bits.

I am in a real Eliza Gordon mood, I am so happy I found out about her through doing a promo post on this book. Because she sure can write!

I am still a bit tired, but I do want to write a review, so I will do a good/not-so-good review (though it will mostly be a good review).

Say hello to Danielle, a girl with a job she doesn’t like, a relationship that is mostly just for the (terrible) sex, a big fondness of delicious baked goods (and who can blame her), a dream to become an actress, and a big love for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

-I just adore the MC’s name. Huge plus-points to that. And no, I won’t tell you why I am loving her name so much. 😛
-Her determination is just amazing. True, she had a few days that just didn’t go right, but can we blame her? I would also take a day or more off if that crap would happen to me. Your whole world is crashing down. But she still keeps going on. Maybe also a bit because she has a giant crush on her trainer. 😉 But I think mostly it is because she loves seeing herself getting fitter, she has a real family at the gym, and she just can’t wait to meet The Rock.
-The contest and what it entails. Gee, I would want to participate even if I am not in for the winning. It always has been one of my dreams to do an obstacle course!
-I love that her diary is addressed to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That is just too cute! I wish I had thought to use a celebrity to address my diary entries to when I was still writing my diary. Instead I just went with the lame Dear Diary/Lief Dagboek.
-The diary entries. I had lots of fun reading them.
-The romance/sparks between Danielle and Marco. I just adored those two together and I can tell that from the moment their eyes met I was rooting for them to get together. Kiss. All the other things. I am happy with the writer and that she build the romance up and didn’t just let them BOOM go for romance. Sure, I was definitely shouting at times that they should just kiss for once already, arghhh!
-The book club at Danielle’s work. Or I should say “book club” as these girls just mostly eat, gossip and eat some more.
-Howie! I wasn’t sure at times, but he seemed to be a great guy and I just loved how happy he seemed to spread knowledge and talk books.
-On that point I also love how Danielle was there for him, talked with him about books, read his book suggestions, gave him food. She did all sorts of things for him.
-The cover!
-The FBI/hacking stuff. Yes, it did feel a bit out of place, but now that I have read the whole book I can say that it does fit. Plus it gave Danielle new opportunities, gave her a chance to talk to her mom and sisters, and several other things.
-Minotaur/several other people in the gym. They were just the greatest and I love how protective and kind they were.
-That thing that happened in the ending (and no I cannot spoil it). That was so sweet of Marco to do that, it must have been terribly hard to keep silent about it.
-The auditions. I would have liked to see a few more, but I am already happy we saw a few of them.
-The ending! Perfection!

-How people reacted when Danielle’s online + not published diary got online. Some reactions were sweet, but mostly I was just pissed at how no one would believe her that she got hacked and that this stuff was meant for her eyes only.
-Trevor. My word, what a dickwad that dude is. I don’t even want to go into all the reasons why he is just the worst human in this book.
-The mom. My lord that woman… 😐

Well, I could probably rave on and on about this book, but I think I have said/mentioned everything I wanted to mention, so I will just say that I would highly recommend this book to everyone. A very dedicated MC, a cute romance, a crazy as hell family, auditions, and more!

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