Review for Happy Sugar Life Vol.1

Review for Happy Sugar Life Vol.1

Everyone deserves a happy sugar life? Right? Right?

I mostly started this one as there is an anime coming for this manga and the art looked interesting, however I am not sure if I am comfortable watching it or even reading the manga further. I did understand slightly what I was going in for, a teenage girl loving a young girl and going so far to protect their “happy” life that she will commit murder.

However, I definitely hadn’t expected it to get so disturbing and creepy. Not only do we have our overprotective MC who goes full yandere in milliseconds, but we also have several other characters that make me wonder if there is anyone in this world who is normal/not yandere/not a creep. So far, it only seems that the MC’s best friend is one of those.

Other than that… Well, let’s summarise.
Abusive boss who rapes underage boys when they dare to look/confess to another girl, and then proceeds to lock them… naked… in a locker. Yup. Did I tell her she has some kind of weird fantasy this work place is her kingdom and she is the ruler. And so she makes up the rules? You get paid less, get worked to death if you dare mess with her precious system. Yup.
-The raped boy is so traumatised that he can’t handle the touch of any woman older than him, and he is even seemingly not amused with those of his age. So he is totally reverted to lolicon ways. Yep. This dude is sniffing the missing poster of Shio, the tiny girl who got kidnapped by our MC, and well, given his looks almost getting an orgasm out of it. Ewwwwww.
-The teacher. I already didn’t trust him, but then we meet him again in a dark night in an ally where he threatens to rape and violate our MC and oh yes, also whoever she is protecting and being all googly-eyed about.
-Random guys in the park who beat up a person for the entire day and no one bats an eye as the kid is practically dead.
-Our MC’s ex who in several parts stalked her at night while she was going home/to work.
And even demanded, during work time, that she took the whole kitty play a bit further than just saying nya….
Yup the world here is pretty effed up.

Not to mention I am not feeling all too well seeing Shio and our MC get lovey dovey all the time. Even once kissing on the lips. Or that wedding ceremony…

Then there is that one locked room. Oh boy, I could have expected it, but it still came as a surprise. Hopefully one day we will find out who got so gruesomely murdered, if it was that non-existent aunt or someone else who lived in that house.

The art is pretty great though, especially kudos to the very yandere, ohhhh she is going to do some batshit stuff parts. I really got some goosebumps from those.

So yeah, creepfactor is over 9000 and I just don’t feel comfortable reading this one. While I do love a good Yandere girl, this is just not the manga for me.

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