Review for Knock Knock Dinosaur

Review for Knock Knock Dinosaur

Knock, Knock. Who is that at the door? It is a DINOSAUR!

I just adore dinosaurs (well before they sprouted feathers and all that nonsense) and so I had to try out this book. Sure, it is not the English book so maybe it is much more funny in that version, but I am already happy I can read this book.

Our little boy is going to have the biggest adventure of his life. One moment he is calmly reading his book about dinosaurs… and the next the doorbell rings and he comes face to face with a giant blue dinosaur! But it doesn’t end there, oh no. The kid will get tons of other dinosaurs to visit.

In a fun counting way that is. Count with us when there 3 Stegosaurs running up the stairs, or when 9 oviraptors are having a ball on the bed of the parents. Yep. You will have fun counting the dinosaurs, and then laughing very loudly at what these dinosaurs are doing (from painting the walls to wearing bras and knickers on their heads to breaking mirrors).

How the kid came to get those lovely dinosaurs on his front steps? In his house? Well, I won’t spoil it, but if you are ever ordering something online… check out those fine prints! 😛

I was already worried the kid would be in trouble when x came home, but thankfully the dinosaurs are the kind that will help out in a pinch.

The ending? Only one thing remains (and what we see out of the window) on what happened in the house.

The art? How can I not love it! Dinosaurs drawn in a silly, and fun way with bright colours and spots.

All in all, I would recommend this book. Not only is it just a fun book about what happens if you don’t read the fine print, but it is also a book to help with counting.

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