Review for Neurotica

Review for Neurotica

Meet Jayne, a girl who has trouble with sex, but loves to write erotica (yes, how that works I don’t know).

This is my last Eliza Gordon book, well… until she writes a new one. 😛 I have to say this was my least favourite out of the 4. For various reasons that I will list below. There were also things that I did like, so it wasn’t a complete loss, but I just expected something more after reading 3 fabulous books.

This will be a good/bad review:

-The Star Wars stuff. I am not a big fan myself, at least not of the newer movies (original movies for the win). I am more of a Star Trek girl. But I do love it when Star Wars pops up in stories. This time we have two characters (twins) called Luke and Leia Walker. They have a food truck filled with delicious foods named Piewalker’s.
I loved how our MC wasn’t afraid to show the world that she LOVED Star Wars. Her pen name is from Star Wars, she can sum up tons of facts about the movies/world, and more!
-Gretchen. I just adored that girl from the start. There were a few times that I doubted her intentions, but I quickly saw that she just meant everything in a friendly way. I loved how she supported Jayne, and how she tried to help her out. I just had a laugh at how outgoing this girl was and how she wasn’t afraid to shout Vagina or Penis in public places. 😛
-The stories between the chapters. It was fun to read some of Jayne’s work, though I would also have liked to see more of her other work. 😉
-Holden, well at least at the beginning. He was quite cute and sweet, but he sadly went from that to an obnoxious can’t get a hint dude.
-Jayne’s success. I just had so much fun reading how fast her books were selling and how everyone loved it (even her mom/sisters).
-Seeing Jayne be honest for once.
-All the delicious food from Luke’s foodtruck. I am definitely going to try making bacon chowder soon. My stomach demands it.
-The convention at the end. Oh boy, I wish I could go there. Though I will probably also go craycray from the crowds (I am not a big fan of those).
-Jayne’s love for ducks! That was just too adorable, and I loved how people gave her little ducks for her collection.

-Luke x Jayne. Sorry, but never in this book did I feel any sparks between the two. They felt more like a best friend duo or even brother/sister. I just didn’t see the attraction between them. And that made reading this book a bit less fun as I was hoping for (just like the other books) a ton of cute romance and sexy attraction.
-Jayne and her constant hiding behind stuff. I get that she is afraid of sex, but you should own up to stuff. Not hide behind people or lie about stuff. That is just a big no no in my book. Be proud of what you achieved, who cares that you write about sex.
-I found it weird that Jayne totally went bonkers about sex (or even the word penis/vagina) and had to run away when someone talked about it or read something from a book, but then proceeds to write porn… It just didn’t make sense.
-Holden. Yep, Holden is also a bad point. I hated how he just didn’t seem to get the hint that Jayne was NOT interested in him.
-Luke. Yep, he is a sweetie (and makes some damn good food). But really the drama near the end? Was that really needed? It just made me dislike him.

As you can see mostly good, but also some bad. All in all I still enjoyed this book, but I would have enjoyed it more if there was less drama, less lying, more sparks between the supposed to be couple.

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