Review for Ordinary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophes

Review for Ordinary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophes

Middle school just got a bit more exciting for Abbie! More frazzling, dazzling, and cats!

I am so happy I have a chance to read this one, I just loved the first book and have been excited for the second book since I saw the announcement on Twitter!

In this one we have locker thieves, cats and them being diabolical, new friends, inventions, and of course Abbie being frazzled a lot!

Abbie’s life was appearing to be on the rise, but then stuff happens and she is doing all she can to not just curl up in a corner and stay there. But I am still very happy that she never once gives up. She just keeps going on, seeks advice, and makes a new friend. A friend who is the total opposite of her. 😛
I did feel sorry that she was feeling the way she did in this book, it would be nice if she could hold on to the happy and positive thoughts that sometimes popped up in her mind. But a small setback and she would be back to point zero. 🙁 Though I have to say Abbie is a lot like me, that is maybe why I am just hoping that at least she can hold on to happy thoughts longer.

Like with the previous book I do feel that the school’s management is off. Where in the previous book there was a problem with lunches, this time we had a problem with lockers. Who makes just enough lockers for a grade? Why not make some extra in case? Or do you not care about if someone transfers and they have to share? I felt so sorry for Abbie, she was so happy to get a locker and then finds out she has to share it.
But eventually it turned into a good thing, and I am happy for that. Plus the ending? Haha, that is a brilliant idea! I would have done the same.

Jess was a fabulous character and she reminded me of Miyako from Hidamari. It didn’t help that she looked almost exactly like her as well. Aloof, she didn’t mind anything at all, chill to the core, laughs about stories that may not seem so funny to someone else. Yep, it was just like I was seeing Miyako again. I definitely liked Jess and I hope that she will be around more often in the next books.

The inventions? If you can’t beat them, join them? Or in this case if the cat hates you make sure he may just love you for your new awesome invention.

I did feel a bit eh about the way the family treated Abbie and her feelings on the new cat. I would think that before you get a cat you go with the entire family to see if it works out. After all a cat is not like a hamster. Cats can roam freely for one, but also live a long life. Why get one when one family member is unhappy about the whole thing?

The ending was a really happy one and I am happy for everyone!

Of course the art is still a big favourite of mine!

All in all, I need more Abbie in my life, and I hope there will be many other books about this fun girl.

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