Review for Pearls for Pearl

Review for Pearls for Pearl

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This cute, sparkly book just shouted at me to be read, so of course I clicked on the Read Now at Netgalley. And boy, this book was adorable, cute, sparkly.

Pearl is a tiny mermaid and she is in luck, today she gets to come to a new home. Pearl is totally happy as she was quite bored at her aquarium in the pet store. Not only does she have a new owner, but she also quickly makes friends with another inhabitant in the fish bowl at her new home.

Then her eyes fall upon a treasure trove. Namely her new owner’s jewellery case overflowing with shiny items! Pearl then shows us all that dreams can be made true. If you just try hard enough and never give up. You can also reach those shiny things you may want!

Also where can I buy myself a tiny mermaid? I would love to have one, especially if she can talk and we can have endless fun chats about shiny stuff. 😛 Defnite plus points for creativity (as I can’t remember a book featuring mermaids sold at a pet store).

Oh, I do hope that Pearl and her new friend will get a bigger bowl, it just seems that it is quite tiny for two inhabitants, especially as big as Pearl and her friend are.

The art? ADORABLE! Cute! Sweet! And I just adore the colours (all soft and shiny).

Yep, this is one book I would recommend, be warned it is very cute and sparkly!

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