Review for Reality Wedding

Review for Reality Wedding

Will Jen say I do on public television or will she run away from it all?

So naturally I just had to continue after reading the first two books. I just had to see what would happen to Jen and Justin now they are engaged. I wanted to see a wedding!

Right from the bat Jen gets a call from her friend to participate in a reality show wedding. Another couple that was supposed to marry cancelled (or well their relationship died a spectacular death) and they need a new one. And who else to ask than Jen and Justin. I was at first quite enthusiastic about the whole reality wedding stuff, they deserve a glamour wedding. But then we quickly find out that The Network’s plans involve blackmailing. Forcing our duo to have to participate!

But thankfully our couple isn’t going to be daunted that easily. They make a pact/plan and also promise to, whatever happens, let each other know should something happen (like when someone kisses Jen while she is alone in The Fishbowl (yes, the house from that series makes a reappearance)). I loved that they made that plan, especially given the cruise from last time and how terrible their trust was (and given a few scenes there were a few times I doubted their trust in this one).
Plus I also loved what they did before separating (Jen to go to the show already, Justin to work on a case). That is such a sweet idea, and also a very smart one given what The Network will be throwing at them. Though it must have been hard not to tell their closest friends (and Jen’s mom/brother).
I loved reading their text messages. They really love each other, and I loved how protective Justin was.

While the week was a mess and not always too fun for Jen, I did like reading about all the things they did before the wedding. Dress rehearsal, food sampling, veil hunting, finding stuff for when they are going to live together, and more.

And we also have challenges! Yep, it is still a reality show so we still got some very fun wedding themed challenges. Like centrepieces, questions about the bride/groom. I just loved that they added those.

It was fun to see The Fishbowl again. I did think it was funny they picked that as the location for the week, but I guess it makes sense given that Jen and Justin met at the show/got close due to the show.

I am happy to see several characters again (and one I never wanted to see again). Birdie, very much pregnant and still very hashtaggy. 😛 Rachel who is still very sweet and supportive and oh so funny. Ed was also around (but then again wherever Connor went Ed was also there). Then there is Sarah (though we mostly see her through texts and through those tabloid things (I hope their relationship works out).

The whole thing with Logan? I just knew from the start it was THAT, but I am happy (or should I say pissed as that was just a dickmove) that it was later revealed and the truth came out. I do have to say that he was convincing at times though. A few times I kind of fell for his act, only to want to kick him between his balls when he had the guts to do that.

The ending? I just adored it! It was so sweet of Jen and Justin to do that for their friends. Perfect!

Oh plus points to getting tabloid articles/seeing titles for other articles.

Leanna? I wasn’t sure about her throughout the book, but I can say that I liked her quite a bit at the ending and what she did/said there.

I was seriously pissed at the Network in this one. Last time they already did pretty horrible things to get Jen and Justin to break up, but they keep up their antics in this book. What should have been one of Jen’s best days turned out to be one with unhappiness, no say in anything, and so much more. They have new tricks on their sleeves and I wasn’t sure who to trust. I just hate how they think they need to add so much drama to make a show good. What is wrong with you people? I am sure that without all the drama it would still have been a fabulous show that would have garnered tons of viewers. But no, they had to add Logan (urgghhh, and I thought Ariana was terrible). Janine was also terrible, but I am very happy with the ending. Good, good, karma always finds its way to people who done wrong.

But all in all, I had a lot of fun reading and I flew through the book. I am kind of sad that the series is now over, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Jen and Justin.

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