Review for Ride: Kit Meets Covington

Review for Ride: Kit Meets Covington

Horses + boarding school + a new girl are my a few of my favourite ingredients in a book!

I actually got approved for what was apparently book 2 in this series on Netgalley. As you can imagine I couldn’t just read book 2, well, I tried but failed very spectacularly. Thankfully book 1 was easily found on Amazon! Then it was waiting for the book, plus also finding a good time to read it, and voila! This book was just too much fun.

Kit is an American girl set to go to an English boarding school. Her dad has been offered a job in the stable and thus secured a spot for her at the school. We see Kit go through all sorts of British stuff and having no clue what it is about. 😛 Tea ceremonies? Uniforms? Pants or Trousers? I just had a hearty laugh at her confusion, though I know the feeling. I keep getting confused by both UK and US English and their weird words for things.
Kit is trying to settle in and it isn’t easy. She is a pretty free spirit, and she is not one to love rules that much. But she is willing to try at least.
Though I have to say I wasn’t happy how she acted in the first days. That uniform is there for a reason, stop being a special snowflake. rolls eyes

I loved Kit’s relationship with TK. They do make a great pair. She understand him, and he seems to understand her. I love how she kept talking to him, kept trying to earn his trust, made sure to see if he wanted something or not. TK was also just the sweetest and so smart.

Elaine, our resident mean girl, though she did show she could also be kind, but there is still a lot of improvement needed to make me like her. I just don’t like how she acts all high and mighty and thinks she is better than everyone else. Plus her rivalry with Kit was just so typical and it made my eyes roll.

Anya, our princess, though no one knows she is that. I loved the girl, though at times I was shaking my head. When she missed the competition because she lacked any idea of how stuff worked…

Note that this book isn’t only about Kit. As is what I expected. Kit is the MC, and also gets the most of all the parts in the book, but we also see POV parts for Elaine (bleh), Anya (yay!), Josh (eh), Will (awww), Nav (yes). It was a bit confusing at times as we would hop from Kit to Anya and to Josh and then back to Kit.

The schedule the headmistress put up? Eh, I am not too sure if I liked it. I get that she wants to push for excellence and all that crap, but really to force someone who is afraid to get up on a horse? No. Really, that poor thing fainted dead on when getting on a pony! Do you want the same to happen with a full grown horse?

One point I absolutely hated was the Guy prank that the guys did + mostly also how the headmistress reacted to it. Not even caring about an explanation, oh tee hee this guy that is apparently the only one left (next to a very hastily done one for Rose Cottage) looks like the headmistress of the other school. How funny. Here you go, points. Whut? I just found it the absolutely worst part of the entire book. Those guys ruined it for everyone and the headmistress didn’t give a shit about it. Wow. slow claps

I would have liked to see a bit more of the classes and how Kit is doing in school. We see maybe 1 or 2 classes very briefly, see something about building something, and that is it. It just feels like the school is there, yet isn’t.

The ending, well I was definitely happy for Kit for finally being able to do that, I can’t wait for the next book to see what more she will do next.

I am kinda curious that we barely see anyone ride/near the horses next to the characters that get a spotlight in the book. I get that we can’t meet everyone, but now it just feels like this is an equestrian school yet no one rides for a few selected.

What more? Mm, I am also curious how the relationship between Will and Kit will go, I hope that it doesn’t turn into an awful love triangle. shivers I also liked the photographs in the middle, I am guessing there is some sort of tv-show tied to this book? Maybe I will check it out.

Now I just need book 2, in physical form, not on a kindle as the Netgalley book is.

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