Review for The Coral Kingdom

Review for The Coral Kingdom

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just fell in love with the cover when I spotted it over at Netgalley. It was just so pretty, those rainbow colours, the font. I just wanted to read the book. Thankfully I was accepted to read the book!

And this turned out to be a pretty book inside as well. Rhyming text which made the story more lyrical and pretty, though I have to say that I was mostly focusing on the gorgeous illustrations (so many details, so colourful, even when we got to the sadder part of the book, with the dead coral/reef). Eventually even having to re-read a page as I forgot about the text. 😛 Hehe. Oopsie!

Yep, this book also brings a message with it. One that I see almost everywhere when books are about reef. What I am talking about? The fact that reefs/coral is dying. And that we, humans, should do something to help prevent that. From being less polluting to being more conservative with what we use to spreading the message. I liked that the last pages were dedicated to that (and were also accompanied by gorgeous illustrations).

Well, I think I have said what I wanted to say about the illustrations, if you haven’t gotten the idea yet, I found them beautiful!

All in all, a pretty good book, but again, you may lose track of the rhymes and instead focus on the illustrations!

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