Review for The Hundred and one Dalmatians

Review for The Hundred and one Dalmatians

Welcome to a cute picture book for the 101 dalmatians!

I have seen this book being promoted on Twitter quite a few times, and so I was already hoping to one day come across this book. And thankfully I did, it was in Dutch though, but eh, as long as I have a chance to read the book I am happy.

The author did a great job on crunching the story into picture book format. Sure, at times it felt a bit too rushed and I sometimes missed parts that would have been lovely to see, but in overall I think they did a good job condensing 184 into 32 to 40 pages. It definitely helps that there are illustrations as those also tell a big part of the story.

The story is just as cute and exciting as I remember it from when I read it and saw the movies. Pongo and Perdita on the quest to find their babies and rescue them from the evil Cruella! I just loved how they never gave up, how they kept going. How all the dogs everywhere helped them out. Everyone was dedicated to saving and getting the pups back home. To stop Cruella from her evil plans of making dog coats and other dog related clothes.

The puppies are super adorable, even more so in this picture book with illustrations by Steven Lenton. I just wanted to grab the puppies from the pages and hug them!

The ending was quite awesome, I just love Pongo and Perdita’s owners and how they didn’t mind that instead of 17 dogs they now had 103. 😛 Though I am guessing eventually they had to find homes for them because walking 103 dogs is just not doable for two humans.

The art was just fabulous. Cruella is evil, the puppers are cute, I love the backgrounds. I was happily surprised to see it was done by Steven Lenton. What a coincidence, I am about to read another book with his illustrations: The Nothing To See Here Hotel.

So I would recommend this book to everyone. It is cute, sweet, and of course exciting. And who could resist so many cute puppies?

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