Review for The Lost Path

Review for The Lost Path

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to have this one as I loved the author’s first book: The Little Red Wolf. Sadly, in the end I can tell that this wasn’t my kind of book, and that I also wish I hadn’t requested it. 🙁

The story starts off pretty well, about a forest, a cursed forest. About a couple who live there, about how the woman saw what the forest really was and tried to run, only to…. But then the story of the kids start, and well… I lost my interest there.

Not only because of the absurd, weird, WTF did just happen story, but also because the characters just annoyed me to no end. Especially the little brother who brought them all in this poopy mess because of how he acted and what he did. This is not the first time I have seen this trope (I would call it that) happen, and I would rather see it disappear entirely. Or maybe at least have the brother show remorse, instead of just blatantly go through with life like he didn’t just do a crappy thing. 😐

It also doesn’t help that the art is switching between black/white and colour all the time. Pick one, but seeing it switch over all the time didn’t help for me. I am sure it serves some greater meaning and it was meant for something, but I didn’t see anything.

As I said earlier, the story was just over the top weird. Sometimes absurd or weirdness works, but in this one I just was scratching my head and wondering if it would get any weirder (hint: Yes it does).

The ending was pretty decent, I am happy for the guys.

The art style (either black/white or colour) was pretty decent, sure, it was also a bit weird (it reminded me of Ghibli at times).

But yeah, all in all, I had expectations and hopes and I didn’t see them get fulfilled. 🙁

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