Review for The Nothing to See Here Hotel

Review for The Nothing to See Here Hotel

5 stars to this fabulous hotel. Boy, my visit sure was eventful! I saw goblins (even a prince!), tooth fairies, a moving lawn, there was an epic battle between goblins and pirates! Did I mention the strange but interesting foods? Oh my, I want to book another room for a holiday soon. I am sure my next visit will just be as eventful as this one. It seems that this hotel doesn’t have any quiet days. And that is just what I need on my vacation, excitement!

So I was definitely looking forward to reading this book. The cover looked fabulous, the story sounded interesting. And after reading it I can say it was all it promised me and more!

Our MC is Frankie, a little guy who isn’t quite human, in fact he is one thirty-sixth troll! And we don’t know what else is running in the family, as there are a lot of different creatures making up his family line. Trolls, nymphs, harpies and more! His grandma is a troll, a real angry/always pissed off troll.

His family runs a hotel, The Nothing To See Here Hotel. It is located near the sea at a pretty nice location, though don’t think that humans will be able to enter, oh no. There are all sorts of measures to make sure no human strays in the hotel. Magical ones, but also the parents writing up all sorts of bad reviews. 😛 Yep, this hotel is only for supernatural beings! And the hotel looks fabulous, I would love to live there. There is a library for instance, but I also love Frankie’s secret room. Can I have that one, I would love a secret room, and then one located above a library.

One day our lovely hotel gets a message, there is a prince on his way to the hotel! Chaos ensues, and I was eager to see the prince. But I quickly got a strange feeling that this prince is not what it seems. And I was right! He turned out to be quite the terrible person. And not only because of his attitude (I wonder why anyone stays with him, I would have run away pretty hard if I had the chance), but also something else that was revealed a bit later on.

If you think that goblins are WOW, then wait until the moment the pirates shoot cannonballs and barge into the hotel. Yep, magical waves will bring boats right to your doorstep. 😛

And thus a battle begins, a battle that will go through the whole hotel and even outside of it (making two green monsters not happy).

I loved seeing all the various supernatural beings that visited the place. Like the tooth fairies (who knew their dental hygiene is terrible?), a lawn that is alive (that sure is treacherous), trolls (that grandma sure is scary as heck), and so many other creatures.

Well I could go on and on about this book for a while, I just enjoyed my stay so much. Lastly, I just want to comment on the fabulous illustrations by Steven Lenton. His art style fits this story perfectly and he brings the characters to life.

I hope that there will be many more books in this series, as I said in the beginning, I want to have another stay at this hotel and see what fun events will happen then! I would highly recommend this terrific fun book to everyone.

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