Review for The Princess and the Giant

Review for The Princess and the Giant

A very sweet picture book about fairytales, reading, sleeping, and much more cuteness!

I spotted this book at the library (so lucky!) and I just had to read it (even though it was WAY too busy at the library, but that is what music + earbuds are for). It looked adorable, and well… how can I resist a Caryl Hart book! She writes very sweet books! Plus let’s not forget Sarah Warburton, one of my favourite children illustrators!

This is about a sweet princess named Sophie, she lives in a cute home with her mom and dad. In their garden however is a beanstalk, which leads to (you can already guess it) a giant. This giant isn’t a man-eater, no, but this one has problems sleeping. So he stomps and romps around his house causes everyone in the town to not be able to sleep.

But our little girl is a brave one, she is going to the giant and going to make sure he sleeps (so that she can finally sleep again)! From porridge to cuddly toys, she is trying out everything to make sure he can sleep. I had such a laugh at what she tried and how she didn’t give up.

Of course I won’t spoil anything on if her plans work, and how the book ends, you will just have to read it yourself. However, I can tell you that it was fun and adorable. I was very happy for all parties involved.

The book is also filled with fairy tales. From the three bears to princess and the pea and many more! It was just so much fun seeing them pop up in the story, the author really wove them in the story in a wonderful way.

The art? Well it was fabulous, colourful, fun, and it really complimented the story. <3 <3

So all in all, if you are looking for a fun, magical story I would recommend this one!

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