Review for Wicked Games

Review for Wicked Games

Abby is going to find out that maybe reality shows aren’t the worst after all.

Yep, I am still in a Reality Show mood, I just crave some books about that topic. This one was the latest one, and I read it in a flash. It was just too much fun, too good, too sizzling.

I loved Abby from the start. I did feel sorry that she was kind of pressured to participate. She could pick on playing in the game or eventually losing her job. 🙁 But still, I think it is pretty awesome that she picked to go for the game without whining or complaining.

It was great fun to see how the contestants were dropped on the island, how they first got some clothes to wear (well, if you would those things clothes) then a blindfold and then tada here is the island.

As soon as we saw Dean I just knew he would partner up with Abby. Not only because all the other girls were taken, but I just knew that he saw something in her.

At first Dean and Abby aren’t happy with each other’s company. The sparks fly, but not in the right way. 😛 They constantly argue, bitch, complain, fight. But then they share some food and suddenly it is a whole different kind of sparks that fly. Yep, these two are falling in love and falling hard. Only are they willing to go fully for it when the cameras are watching? Plus they also have to keep their romance away from the other contestants who still think that the Abby x Dean team hate each other (and so don’t form a real threat). As you can imagine it isn’t easy. Especially when Abby is doubting her feelings and is wondering if Dean is really feeling anything for her or if it is just a play.

The challenges/reading about the reality show and what it entailed was just such a delight to read. I loved the whole survival part, that they had to make their own food/fire/tent/etc.. We don’t see all the teams, the book mainly focuses on Abby x Dean and also Lana x Will/someone else. I did think it was a bit of a shame, I would have liked to see more of the other contestants and how they were doing with this survival part.
I did feel a bit for Abby as most of the challenges meant you had to be at least a bit athletic. And of course Abby just got in for her job, without training. I did hate that people were bodyshaming her. I think that is just disgusting. So she isn’t as slender/thin as you guys, or trained like you all, no need to call her fat or other things. 😐

There are some steamy scenes that were a bit too much for me, but I am still happy that the author wrote them, didn’t shy away from them. Plus it gave so much more to the cute romance between Dean and Abby. It was also fun that after a certain event they just couldn’t stop touching each other. 😛

I can imagine that Abby thought that when x happened. I think I would have done the same. Plus making it worse when she found out certain things about Dean. She was already doubting and then she reads/sees that and the fire of doubt just burns down everything. Sure, I thought it was a bit overkill for her to do that, especially given what it means later. But then again I also thought it was deserved, though poor Dean.

Lana? I never trusted her one bit. Sorry, she was just a bit too eager with her alliance and I just thought it was all a bit too suspicious.

Not entirely sure about the cover for my edition, I think I much prefer the one with the woman and man in black swim stuff. Though the colour on those is wrong (they wore their respective colours), at least those two come close to how I feel Abby and Dean look.

The ending? It was just perfection. I am so happy! dances and cheers

All in all, I really loved this book. I had tons of fun reading it, it was swoony, hot, hilarious. And I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

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