Review for Young Bride’s Story Vol.2

Review for Young Bride’s Story Vol.2

The second volume, the second part of Amira and Karluk’s story.

At first it seems all is sweet and quiet in Amira and Karluk’s life. The troubles that followed them last time seemed to have passed. But that is just a ruse, Amira’s family is still around and still very dedicated to taking their girl with them. No matter that they will have to break up a happy couple and probably get in bad waters with that family.

This book switches between those parts and also shows more about Karluk’s family/town. We see stuff like making bread and finding a husband (for Pariya), but also embroidery and making blankets and other stuff for the wedding (for the little girl in Karluk’s family). We find out more about their customs, about their patterns and symbols. And I just loved it. I hope that we see Pariya again and maybe she is happily married this time. It seems she quite would love to be married.

The whole deal with Amira’s family? Gosh, really, you can’t just take her back. She isn’t an item in a shop, and she is clearly unhappy to have to leave her husband. I was quite happy with how Karluk acted in this one. Sure, he did one thing I found stupid, but in the end he saved the day, so I can forgive him.
I loved the town and the inhabitants and how they went to fight Amira’s family/people who came with them. How they protected one of their own (yes, Amira is totally accepted in the family). Of course it was pretty intense for Amira to have to say no to her family and see them get hurt. Thankfully she has some great people surrounding her to help her out if she wants to talk.

Karluk and Amira? I still love them together though of course it also still feels very weird to me. Here we have a kid (12 years old) and a woman (20 years old). It just feels kind of wrong. I know this is their culture, but the idea that these two have to have sex soon to produce babies… eh… But hey, if we just forgo that I do think they are pretty cute and sweet together. They care for each other. Karluk is very protective of his wife, and Amira is very caring for her husband. They do make a sweet couple and I have a feeling these two will have a very happy and fulfilling life together.

I was already wondering how this story would end. As it seems that there is enough to be told about our couple and their family. But I am definitely happy with how it ended, I guess I could have seen it coming, but I just hadn’t expected that person to travel around (though he did have some serious reasons to travel). I guess his next adventures will lead us to a new girl, a new family to meet and discover. I can’t wait!

The art is still freaking unbelievably beautiful. The amount of details will just stun you, the backgrounds make you feel like you are truly there and the characters are also gorgeously drawn.

All in all, I will be getting the next book very soon, I want to see who the next girl is going to be and how her life is. Also I am hoping that one day we will see Amira and Karluk again!

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