Waiting on Wednesday ~ Beyond: the Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Beyond: the Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology


Wow, the weeks really fly by. My head can’t keep up with it. 😛

For today I got a book that I found yesterday while I was looking for new comics to read (especially LGBT+ ones). This one was mentioned in an article, and I just had to see what it was about. After reading the blurb (and reading about dragons, space pirates, monsters) and checking out that amazing cover (so shiny!) I just knew this was the book for me. Thankfully it is out in the world, now it is just waiting until next week when I can get some new books again.

Beyond is an anthology of queer sci-fi and fantasy comics. Featuring 18 stories by 26 contributors, Beyond is a 250+ page, black and white, queer comic anthology, full of swashbuckling space pirates, dragon slayers, death-defying astronauts, and monster royalty. Each story celebrates and showcases unquestionably queer characters as they explore the galaxy, mix magic, have renegade adventures, and save the day!

The Beyond Anthology was born from a desire to see stories inspired by people like us (queer people with diverse genders and sexualities) slaying dragons, piloting spaceships, getting into trouble, and saving the day—without having to read for their queerness from between the lines. We wanted to see beautiful, heartwarming, and adventurous stories that reflect and celebrate the many facets of gender and sexuality, without having to worry that their queerness would cast them as a villain, a pariah, or turn them into a cautionary tale.

Beyond is edited by Sfé R. Monster, assistant edited by Taneka Stotts, and features a group of 26 contributors who have created 18 exceptional all-ages stories that showcase and celebrate openly and unabashedly queer characters in science fiction and fantasy-based settings.

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