Waiting on Wednesday ~ Lights, Camera, Disaster

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Lights, Camera, Disaster

Evening all,

Short post as I am totally knackered from a very very busy (but very fun) day! But I still wanted to write a WoW post for you all.

Today I got a book I am quite curious to be reading, about a girl who loves making movies and thanks to that can have control over her life. I am quite curious to read about her execute function disorder, how that one is woven through her life and how she is trying to get through life with that knocking on the door all the time. Plus I am kind of interesting in the fact this book is partially in script form. Now this can work two ways, it can be awesome and creative or it can be annoying. I am hoping it is the first option. crosses her fingers

I also love that cover, my head also feels like a tornado (well minus the film reel stuff :P) at times so I can quite relate to the person on the cover.

Hester Greene loves making movies. With her camera in hand, she can focus, make decisions, and have the control she lacks in life, where her executive function disorder (think extreme ADHD plus anxiety) sabotages her every move.
But middle school is not a movie, and if her last-ditch attempt to save her language-arts grade–and her chance to pass eighth grade, period–doesn’t work, Hess could lose her friends, her year, even her camera. It will take more than a cool training montage to get her life together, but by thinking outside the frame, she just might craft a whole new ending.
Written partially in script form, with STOP/PAUSE/PLAY/REWIND moments throughout, this laugh-out-loud story will speak to any budding filmmaker, or unintentional troublemaker, in every act of their lives.

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