Blog Tour ~ Witchy Travel Tales: Sleepless in Stonehenge by Sibel Beadle ~ Guest Post

Blog Tour ~ Witchy Travel Tales: Sleepless in Stonehenge by Sibel Beadle ~ Guest Post

Good morning all, and happy weekend!

Welcome to the blog tour for Sibel Beadles newest series: Witchy Travel Tales, and in specific I am highlighting the Sleepless in Stonehenge book today! This one features the 4th (out of 7) daughter and tells us how she has trouble falling asleep.

To go with that theme, I asked the author to write a guest post about How not to be afraid in the dark and give a few tips.

Let’s get started, and be sure to check out the link to the Witchy Travel Tales if you are curious about the other books in this series.

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Sleepless in Stonehenge tells the tale of Viva, Miranda’s 4th daughter, who struggles to fall asleep at night. The witch finds a solution to her daughters problem and takes her on an adventure to Stonehenge to solve the little girls problem and help her not to be afraid in the dark.

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About the author:

Living in Billericay, Essex with her two daughters Sibel Beadle previously worked as a senior banker for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development in Central London before becoming a full time children’s author. Previous titles in her Witchy Travel Tales series include; The Seven Sisters andSleepless in Stonehenge (Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd 2017). The third, The Golden Bunny of the Lake District is published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd March 2018. All three books are available to purchase in paperback RRP £6.99 from online retailers including

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Guest Post: How not to be afraid of the dark, with tips! Thanks to the author for writing this guest post.

My books Sleepless in Stonehenge tells the story of a girl that can’t fall asleep because she is afraid of the dark and the witch takes her on an adventure to Stonehenge where they activate an ancient spell that helps children slip into the mind of a nocturnal hunter and because night-time hunters are not afraid in the dark the child can fall asleep without fear.

I noticed that when I read this book to a child that is afraid in the dark it has two effects. One the child feels a connection to the girl in the story and finds comfort in the fact that there are other kids, even a witches daughter who is afraid in the dark. Kid also love reading the spell in the book and it helps them to think they are a night-time hunter and helps them to be less afraid.

Therefore reading my book does help a child fall asleep.

In addition to that what helps kids is to have a bedroom close to their parent and leaving the door open.

Kid love having a night light and its best to choose the nightlight together with the child.

A hot water bottle that looks like a cuddly toy helps as well and a cup of herbal tea or milk at bedtime.

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