Library Haul 10-4-2018

Library Haul 10-4-2018

Hi all,

I know, I went to Library #4 on Friday! But I already finished 3 of the books, they had 2 new books I hoped to grab, and I was in the neighbourhood anyway. 😛 So I just had to go today, and I am glad I did as I walked out with 5 books to read. I found my two new books, and also add another new book to mix. Though I had to do some effort to find one of them (and then was lucky with two other books).

It was supposed to be on x shelf, but no matter how I looked I couldn’t find it. Asking the librarian only led to us both searching through some shelves (including the Kinderjury stand), and no luck. She then decided to check on her PC, and put it as missing. After that she wasn’t giving up (awesome) and decided to check at one of the offices, no luck. Then she suddenly had a light bulb moment for one more spot, her own desk! And yep. There was a giant stack of new books waiting to be checked and sorted (really, why put it in the system that the books are there when you are holding them back to check/read yourself, but oh well).

She took the stack to the help desk table and had to do some stuff on the PC there so the book was lendable, and gave it to me. Then she proceeded to check the stack while chatting with me, and behold, another book I had wanted to search for popped up, as did another book that I didn’t know was new but that I needed because DINOSAURS! We then chatted some more, and I promised I would bring one of the books back as soon as I could, she wanted to read it as well. 😛

Then I wandered around some more and picked up 2 other books (1 of them is a re-read). So it was a good visit. I had fun searching, had a good talk with the librarian about books, and got books!

Stats: 5 books. 1 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

Het (on)gewone verhaal van Bo (en Tom) by Tineke Honingh
Mo en Tijger lossen het op by Elisabeth Mollema, Gertie Jaquet
Soapsop by Lisa Sips
Lekker nooit niet bang by Vivian den Hollander, Dagmar Stam
De grote atlas van de dinosaurussen by Emily Hawkins, Lucy Letherland

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