Library Haul 17-4-2018

Library Haul 17-4-2018


Yep, I had to go to Library #4 again, firstly because I promised one of the librarians that I would bring back the book so she could read it, and secondly I was in the mood for new books. I also spotted a few new books on their site and so, when done with stuff, went to visit the library.

I quickly found out that the books I wanted weren’t on the shelves so I wandered to the helpdesk only to find the librarian of last week working hard on a stack of new/newly returned books. She spotted me and told me that if I wanted books from the stacks I could get them (well, as soon as she was done putting them in the system of course). Of course I couldn’t resist, and so I stayed for a while and chatted with her and, later on, with another librarian. We talked about my blog, and the first librarian remembered my blog from when she (and another librarian) found out about it last year due to a chat we had back then. They were both very enthusiastic, especially the second librarian who was thinking of all sorts of fun things, how this could benefit the library/books.

I have to say I was pretty delighted and excited that they took an interest, I was also a bit hesitant. How to explain. It is my blog, and while I do love it (a lot), is it good enough for such a collaboration? Am I good enough? Are my reviews written in a good way? Is it OK for me to tell about my blog in an enthusiastic way? They even recommended me making business cards so I could hand them out to people, which I have thought about, but still wonder if I should go for it. On the one hand it would be a lot easier than writing it down every time someone asks, but on the other hand… again, it just feels so much, like I don’t deserve this. And I am worried, again is my blog really good (and not just for me)?

Phew. I know you all probably came here to see what I got, but I just had to write that down.

So let’s go back to the books, in the end I found 7 books and had to stop getting more books. I still have one book at home after all, which I really need to read soon.

Oh, and a big thank you to the first librarian for recommending Mireille Geus’s books. I can’t wait to read the 2 books and I hope I will love them.

Stats: 7 books. 1 picture book, 1 YA, 5 children’s books.

Snitch by Margje Woodrow
De ogen van Sitting Bull by Mireille Geus
Dans! by Mireille Geus
Het geheim van het voetbaltalent by Gerard van Gemert, Ivan&Ilia
De rode ball by Gerard Gemert, Mark Janssen
Dierenvriendjes by Lizette de Koning
Het ongelooflijke maar waargebeurde verhaal over de dino’s by Guido van Genechten

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