Library Haul 21-4-2018

Library Haul 21-4-2018


I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday, I know mine was awesome. 🙂 Not only did I pop by for a visit at Library #2, but a book that I won on 2 days ago came in today (the newest Cis Meijer).

Now about my library visit. I had 6 reservations waiting for me, and while walking around the library I found 3 other books. (Including a book about 111 spots one must visit in Utrecht, which is where I was born/raised. The book had me in stitches because of some of the entries, no way anyone would want to visit those.) So 9 books in total, and I can’t wait to get to reading them, but first I need to finish the book I am currently reading, Everything All At Once by Katrina Leno (so far an awesome and beautiful book).

Stats; 9 books. 3 non-fiction, 2 comics, 4 fiction.

Hart by Youp van ‘t Hek
_**111 plekken in Utrecht die je gezien moet hebben **_ by Fenna Riethof
Ik kan er net niet bij by Sander Verheijen
Dog by Andy Mulligan
De jongen die met de dieren schaatste by Edward van de Vendel, Sanne te Loo
Er zit een monster in je boek by Tom Fletcher, Greg Abbott
Agent 212 #25 by Raoul Cauvin, Daniël Kox
Agent 212 #28 by Raoul Cauvin, Daniël Kox
De brandweer in actie! by Peter Bentley

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