Library Haul 25-4-2018

Library Haul 25-4-2018

Hi all,

Today I decided I felt good enough to go to the library, and thankfully the weather agreed with me. I normally avoid going on Wednesday’s, but I really wanted to have some new books.

Well, it was not a really fantastic haul today, just 4 books. I had expected some more, but I misread a few of the book’s locations. I thought they would be at my branch, but they are in another one (the one that is about an hour away). It is a shame that they limit the books like this, especially for the kids who want to read those books. If the reservation fee was free, eh, but with 50 cents of fee…

But back to my books, I have 2 books that I am a bit unsure about, but I am always willing to give authors and series a second chance, so here is to hoping that Joke van Leeuwen’s newest book surprises me, and that the new Dixie & Dinky one gets more than one star. 😛

Stats: 4 books. 3 normal books, 1 picture book.

P.S. Yes, I still need to add the books to Goodreads, but I will be doing that when I actually read the book. Because I add tons of books each week to GR and it is lots of work and not much fun.

Toen ik by Joke van Leeuwen
Nog een allerlaatste kusje by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder
De diamantroof by Shirley Hughes, Clara Vulliamy
Johannes de parkiet by Mark Haayema, Maredy Oberendorff

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