Library Haul 6-4-2018

Library Haul 6-4-2018


Today wasn’t just a visit to Library #4, but also to library #1. Check my twitter for pictures to the two books I got from library #1.

So today my two reservations were finally at Library #4. I normally don’t reserve books at this library (or Library #1/#3) as the costs are 0.50 eurocent per reservation. But I just had to have these two books and they were only found at the branch an hour away on bicycle (and it is not yet the weather to test out if I can ride that far (and then back again)). One is an English book that I have been eyeing ever since I first heard of it last year, and the other is a book in a series that I am still a bit eh about, but I am also very curious to see how the story continues. Yep. Sometimes you just come back to series even if you may not have wanted it (I can just hear past me shout that I am an idiot :P).

While wandering around the library I found 3 other books, two new released books that I was hoping I would find, and another that I found at the KinderJury (Kid’s Jury (for books)) 2018 table.

I got some stuff to read, and I can’t wait to get started on them.

Stats: 5 books, 1 picture book, 2 YA, 2 Children’s books.

Rebel: De 100 #4 by Kass Morgan
Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart
De verwoestende puppy by Willeke Brouwer
De beste crossbaan ooit! by Mariella van de Beek
Kijk uit, een draak! by Jonny Lambert

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