Review for At Night

Review for At Night

An adorable book perfect for the hot summer nights that are soon coming (at least here).

It is a hot summery night and our little girl cannot sleep. Everyone else in her home is fast asleep but she is melting out of her bed. She concocts a brilliant idea, something I wish I could have done when I was her age, but alas most houses here don’t have a rooftop like hers (or are accessible like hers). Otherwise I would have definitely camped out a few times. 😛

I loved how the girl first waited until her parents and siblings slept, and then went to follow the cool breeze. How she kept getting more and more stuff for her “bed” up there. From blankets to pillows. Everything went with her to her makeshift bed. Oh, and the cat also had to come with the girl. Kitty also wants some coolness.

Of course mom notices (moms have that uncanny sense of waking up when kids are up to something), and at first I was worried that she may make the girl clean up again, but no, she doesn’t. What she does is totally sweet and I loved it. I am guessing that in the morning the girl will get a bit of a talk about doing this, but I am sure that mom isn’t angry (just potentially worried because there isn’t a fence around the roof).

The art is quite pretty and nicely done. I especially loved seeing the view of the city when the girl got to the rooftop.

All in all, a cute picture book that will be very relatable and great for those summer nights when it is too warm to sleep.

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