Review for Birding Is My Favorite Video Game

Review for Birding Is My Favorite Video Game

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Yay, one of the books I am reading for review is good again! I was already worried after 2 misses that this would also not turn out to be fun, but thankfully this was just as a fun as I hoped!

Sure, it had some parts that were a bit boring, or felt a bit too much like a teacher telling the kids to DO something (sorry, my mind is not really up to thinking what the right English word would be). But I still read those parts as they had fun illustrations. 😛

The other parts were just terrific. The book is separated in 5 parts, starting with Feathers (birds), Scales, Fins & Others (you can guess), Seasons (fun!), So You Want to be a Biologist (of course, doesn’t everyone with such pretty nature outside?), Tips & Tricks (some more information and tips). I quite liked that it was done this way, though I am a bit sad the book ends short as the index takes quite a few pages.

I laughed so hard at several of the comics/parts. Like the dating profiles (that one bird that just kept on walking on the beach), the turkey vulture, the turtle one (have to show it to my boyfriend, he loves turtles and I am sure he will laugh when reading it), and many others. It was a feast to read this one.

The illustrations were brilliant, I just adore the style. How to say it, I just love how life-like the critters are but also can look comically and hilarious. Plus the use of colours is just fab!

So all in all, a fun book with lots of facts about animals, lots of humour, and great art. Definitely recommended!

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