Review for DC Super Friends: Brave Batgirl!

Review for DC Super Friends: Brave Batgirl!

Batgirl will save the day! whoosh

So, I spotted this book and I just had to read it. I love Batgirl and I was quite curious to see what would happen in this book.

Well, not much, there is not really a big story taking place in this book. It is an introduction, that is what I would call it, to the character Batgirl. From who she really is (Barbara Gordon) to what she does daily, saving the day from baddies!

However even with a simple premise like this one I did enjoy the read. It was fun seeing Batgirl kick some serious butt (though the villains seem to be a bit less villain than I remember (Joker looks not that evil, Ivy looks like a girl who just loves green and shooting greenery), I guess done so that kids don’t get too frightened).

The text in this book is all simple, short sentences, lots of pictures. It is a bit between a chapter book and a picture book. Giving kids the change to read a bit more difficult words yet also keeping it simple. I approve! It is at times quite hard to go up a level in reading.

The art? Not entirely my style, plus I found the hands and feet way too big. Plus Batgirl kept looking at the reader quite often, even in situations when such a thing didn’t fit.

I would recommend this short and fun book though. I hope that there will be other DC girls getting a book like this.

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