Review for Disney Manga: Fairies – The Great Fairy Rescue

Review for Disney Manga: Fairies – The Great Fairy Rescue

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am still not a fan of Tinkerhell, but I have to say that I am liking her quite a bit in this Disney Fairies series. That is also why, after a bit of hesitation, I decided to just go for it and request this book. And after reading it? I am very happy that I did. Tinkerbell is totally different in this Disney Fairies series. She is sweet, kind, fun, and sure, at times she is a bit obnoxious, but not overly so.

In this one our fairies are at a camp on the mainland, and it is there that Tink goes out and meets a tiny little girl. Though the meeting isn’t really in a good way. Tink gets trapped (thanks to Vidia) and taken inside the house. From that point the story splits in two parts. The biggest part goes to Tink (as it should it is her book/story after all) and the other part goes to Vidia and the other fairies who go for a rescue mission to save Tink from the humans.

Tink was planning to leave, but due to the weather (fairies can’t get wet wings) and also some other reasons, Tink decides to stay and help out the little girl and also fix up their house (she is still Tinkerbell). I really loved that Tink stayed, that she started caring for the little kid and even tried to make her life more fun.

I hated the dad in the story. He was just so terrible towards his kid. I get that he may want her to get more scientific, but really to dismiss her fantasies and daytime fun like this? To act like a total wart towards her when she tries to show him the truth? He even rips of her drawings, and then when he finally does see the truth he does THAT. Man, really, you need a kick between the balls. Sorry, I am normally not so violent, but I was just pissed off at his attitude. This is not how you make your kid happy.

The ending was pretty nice, and yes, I did tear up a bit.

I have to say I am a bit sad, 91 pages of this volume are about the fairies, but the rest is just sneak-previews to other manga (that I either already tried out or am not interested in). I thought that, after the main story, we would get another short story, so I kept scrolling through my e-copy only to find that there was nothing anymore. 🙁

The art was not really a favourite of mine. At times it looked quite nice, but I still prefer Jun Asuka or Haruhi Kato’s art.

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