Review for Everyone We’ve Been

Review for Everyone We’ve Been

Beautiful, heartbreaking, and so fucking gorgeous. I just couldn’t stop reading. Thank heavens I had a free afternoon, well… free… I kind of have all sorts of things to do like cleaning, laundry, but this book grabbed me. 😛

I was already hoping that this one would be a gem, and boy I am so happy it was. The book features a before and after, and with each passing page we see more and more of what is going on and how everything spiralled out of control.

It all starts with our MC sitting in the bus with a mysterious boy, Bus Boy, then there is an accident, and suddenly she finds out that not everything is as perfect as it always was. Bus Boy? He doesn’t exist, no one, but our MC can see him, and it just broke my heart apart when she found that out. When she found out that this guy, this sexy guy, was nothing but an illusion. But who is he, and why is he following her, why can she talk to him and he answers back? In the now we see her try to figure out all the hints, try to stay sane, and find out so many things that it will break not only me, but everyone reading.

In the before we see her and Zach (aka Bus Boy, sorry, not a spoiler as it was pretty obvious from the first before page that it was meant to be Zach). They meet up during the summer that Addie was all alone (her best friend had gone to a fun trip with other friends). They click, they spark, and they get together. She acts in one of his movies (which meant lots of ketchup and fun), and they get really close together. I definitely loved them as a couple, but of course I was prepared for what was to come. I had a whole bunch of ideas what could possibly have caused our MC to erase this boy, this memory, this summer, those months, from her mind. When we do find out (though I have to say I could have seen it coming, the signs were there), oh boy, I wanted to kick the guy in his balls. And no, you will have to read to find out what happened, and why she erased him.

The erasing, and how it happened. Wow, that such a thing is open to public. That something like that can be done to anyone. Everyone can just erase their minds like that. All you need is money, permission (if you are under 18), and a healthy body. It was pretty shocking, but then again, while I am against it… I may just be using the same procedure to forget stuff, stuff that I don’t ever want to remember. But then again, seeing how our MC went through things, how it broke her… I am not too sure if I would really do it. But it is a tempting offer. A very tempting offer.

In the end everything comes full circle, and I have to say that at first I was shouting at our MC for her decision, but then cheering when she did that. Go girl! I am so happy for you.

What more can I tell about the book? Oh that I love the MC’s best friend? She was just such a delightful girl, so full of fire, so kick-ass, and so sweet and protective.

Bonus points to the cover. I just adore it!

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