Review for Hack and Whack

Review for Hack and Whack

A delightful book perfect for bedtime!

I am sooooo happy that one of my libraries had this book, and in English even! I have been eyeing this book since last year. 🙂

It is time for bed for two precocious viking twins. But do they want to sleep? Oh no! Of course they don’t, and no matter what mom (or dad, or any of the viking adults) say or try, these kids are not about to be captured so easily. They are going on a rampage through their tiny little village!

I had such a laugh to see them run through the village, walk over tables, push over toilets (RIP that dude). They even wake up their little friends and invite them on a rampage. Yup, more chaos ensues and I was just laughing so hard at all the chaos and trouble. Plus add to that the adults trying to capture these little tikes (tykes?) and get them to bed.

I won’t spoil anything on if they capture the kids and if the kids are really off to bed, you will have to read the book. But the ending will definitely bring a smile to one’s face.

The art was pretty great, though at times the heads of the adult vikings seemed off. Like they had really tiny heads while their bodies were huge.

All in all though this was such a fun book, just as I had hoped.

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