Review for Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt

Review for Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just ADORE Ancient Egypt and so I was really eager to read this one when I spotted it on Netgalley. And after reading it? I want more of the Binkertons, I want more travels, I want to go to that bookstore myself and experience such a journey.

The story begins with our siblings being bored during the vacation, but that all changes when their youngest sibling runs into a bookstore. A weird bookstore with all sorts of travel information, and a suspicious old man. As chaos erupts the brother opens up a book about Egypt, and that is how the journey begins.

The book shows us the adventures of the siblings (though mostly the sisters as the brother is quickly shipped off to help with pyramid building) in Egypt. Almost each page of comic is accompanied a page of the the book they have to read so the adventure can end. Yep, they have to read the book in order for their adventure to be over. Watch our siblings search for their brother while experiencing all there is about Egypt. From food (beer as drinks) to hairstyles and crocodiles. And let’s not forget about the pyramids and other cultural things. All this while they read the book (which causes some hilarious scenes as we see them run around with the book in their hands).

At times the book parts were a bit distracting, and at times it felt like one had to read the book pages before the comic pages, but in overall I quite liked them. Especially the way they were written. It mixes seriousness + comedy in a great way.

I didn’t like the youngest sister, Libby. Dear heavens, that kid was annoying. Running off everywhere, bringing her siblings into trouble. Not only with the bookstore (though I have to think in the end they did quite like the journey even if it was one full of spears and heat), but also many times in the story.

The art for the comics was pretty decent. Not entirely a style I like, but it fitted pretty well with the story.

All in all, I want more adventures for the Binkertons. I would recommend this one.

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