Review for Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

Review for Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes

“Bring Kid Normal to me!” Famous first words spoken by an overpowered villain. 😛

So I was ridiculously excited when I found out that there would be another Kid Normal book. I just adored the first book, with a great kid who doesn’t have superpowers but makes the best of things and is even leader of a superhero team!

I already knew what Magpie was up to from the moment he wanted to see the kid without the superpowers. I do wonder why no one else put any doubt in it. Really guys, the worst villain of all times is suddenly talking and you are not all in high alert and maybe keeping a closer eye on things? Gee wiz. Oh well, I guess if they knew there wouldn’t be any story. It was still fun to see everyone else get that feeling of doom, and also to have them figure out that stuff are about to get very hairy.

I would have loved seeing a few more missions for our Super Zeroes, now we only seen one, and the rest is all about Magpie and what makes him so evil. What he did 30 years ago. What terrors he could instil now. Not that I mind it that much as it brought some great battles and showed that Murph, despite him not having a cape, is still a superhero.

I found it adorable how Murph and Mary acted around each other. Aww!

Oh and why didn’t anyone ever think to check out where Magpie other lairs where? I would think someone knows about it, and otherwise there was 30 years of time to search. It would have saved a lot of effort, but again, like with how no one knew Magpie’s plans until it was too late, there wouldn’t be any story if they did find the laboratory. Plus they wouldn’t be in such a pickle.

I loved reading about the prison, how it looked, how the villains lived/how it went from not so baddies to OMG nope baddies.

But I didn’t like Magpie. I get that is the idea, but I hated him for something else. He was just ridiculously overpowered. It wasn’t even funny or exciting. No. Maybe it is because I am a gamer, and have encountered my share of overpowered characters. It just seems stupid, why would you make a supervillain so overpowered that he can barely be caught (and I strongly believe that he just let himself caught 30 years ago). But yeah, sorry, a dude that can just steal superpowers/capes?

Drench? Bro, please, Magpie STOLE YOUR SUPERPOWER, or at least partially, and you are now teaming up with him? wonders if there is a name for that, some sort of capeholm syndrome? 😛 Yep, I already didn’t like Drench for his whiny attitude, but this didn’t make it any better.

Mr. Flash? Boy, he is still pretty much mean, but I did see another side to him, a kinder one. Plus he did help out our Super Zeroes. Good job, I hope that he will show his kinder side more often.

The ending was pretty awesome (and also a bit sad), though I am not particularly looking forward to seeing Magpie again. sighs

The art was, as it was also the case with the previous book, fabulous. I just adore the style and how everyone is drawn.

All in all though I did enjoy the book, I laughed so many times (plus how can I not resist fourth wall breaking?), and I was cheering our heroes on. I will still be reading the next book, even with the idea that Magpie will be in it…

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